Top 3 Winter Plumbing Tips

snowman with winter plumbing maintenance tips

When it comes to the winter season, there is no time to waste getting important home maintenance tasks done. Winter maintenance is essential for your family’s safety and to keep your home warm and dry for the duration of the cold season. Even if you live in a warm or milder climate like Arizona, winter plumbing maintenance is important to keep your house in good shape year-round!

Compton Plumbing Services has been serving Mesa, Scottsdale, and other Valley areas since 1980. If you are an Arizona homeowner, read on to find out what needs to be on your winter plumbing checklist.

Check Insulation and Ventilation

house wearing a hat and scarf as Home Insulation to keep it warm in winterYou want your home to stay warm and dry this winter, right? That’s why you need to make sure your house is well-insulated and well-ventilated.

Some signs that your insulation may not be adequate are high energy bills, leaks in your attic, bug and mice problems, spots that feel cold to the touch on the floor and ceiling, and frequent drafts.

Unless you built your home yourself, it may be hard to determine if there is enough insulation. If you’re unsure about checking for insulation in your walls, reach out to a professional who can help evaluate the situation.

Ventilation is important because you need your home to be dry in order for it to heat evenly. Vent extra moist air to the outside with exhaust fans in damp rooms, like the bathroom and kitchen. In the basement, pull furniture away from the walls so that air can flow properly. This helps reduce the risk of mold growth.

Protect your pipes from freezing in the winterDe-Icing Salt

One of the biggest hazards in your home often exists right on your front porch, walkway, driveway, and plumbing system: ice. To prevent slipping and injuries, which can be potentially serious, stock up now on a good supply of de-icing salt.

Keep it handy on your front porch, in your garage, or both. Be mindful that some de-icer can be toxic to pets and plant life.

If this is a concern, research, and select your de-icer carefully. Typically, more organic grade presents less of a problem for pets and plants, so consider this when researching options.

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarms

man checking Smoke Detector Carbon monoxide is colorless, tasteless, and odorless, which means you need to rely on a working detector to alert you to danger.

Similarly, you need a warning in the event of a fire. Smoke alarms help increase the likelihood that you will be able to escape a blaze and get help, hopefully before too much damage occurs in your home.

Test all units in your home and replace the batteries. Remove the tops and clean the interior of alarms fully. Also, never paint over the top of an alarm unit; paint clogs the sensor and makes it less effective.

Do You Have a Gas Line Leak? Protect Your Family From Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Protect your family and friends from dangerous gas leaks in your home. When a gas line breaks, anyone that lives in your home becomes susceptible to carbon monoxide poisoning. Schedule a gas line repair and installation appointment to protect your loved ones.

Compton Plumbing is a licensed plumbing contractor in the Mesa, Arizona market.  Our team of highly trained professionals understands life safety and gas lines.  Call us today if you would need service on installing, replacing or repairing gas lines.

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