Kitchen & Bathroom Renovation Ideas You Can Trust

One of the biggest and best home improvement decisions you can make is remodeling the “purpose built” rooms like the kitchen or bathroom.

This is always a substantial type of renovation because it’s not a simple matter of emptying a room, switching paint jobs, and putting in new furniture. Kitchen and bathroom fixtures are designed to perform specific functions and they’re built into your home more permanently.

It’s because of this that when you decide to remodel these spaces, it requires a lot of time and a pretty substantial investment. Our expert bathroom & kitchen plumbers have some ideas for you to help make your renovation experience smoother and more successful.

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Consider Your Renovation Preferences

Remodeling means that you will no longer have to “make do” with whatever layout or state you found your kitchen and bathroom in. You can reshape these spaces to meet your exact individual preferences and unique needs.

But do you know what those are?

Give some serious consideration to how you want to use these spaces. You may find that you don’t like the open concept kitchen design as much as you thought, and you want to reclaim some space for cabinets and counters.

Or you may not be a fan of luxury raindrop showers, and instead want a big, luxurious bathtub experience. Now’s your chance to get it in your own home.

Choose an Experienced Contractor

The single largest factor that will affect the success or failure of your bathroom renovation is the contractor you choose for the job.

The right choice means new rooms with better quality, convenience, and improved property value.bathroom renovation ideas from plumbing contractors

The wrong choice means potentially needing to hire more people to undo what’s just been done to your home.

Seriously consider the recommendations made by people you trust, but supplement this with your own research.

A good company will have a long “footprint” of positive customer testimonials and other user reviews that will be easy to find.

A bad company will have a lot of complaints, or a suspicious lack of reviews considering how long they have been in business.

Upgrade Your Kitchen & Bathroom Plumbing

For people that live in older homes that are several decades in age—or even closer to a century—this is a very relevant concern.

It becomes even more important if the plumbing in the home hasn’t been touched in all this time because there haven’t been any major breakdowns.

You’re going to potentially be removing walls, opening up floors, and putting in new fixtures that rely on water.

With all this access comes an opportunity to look at the state of your pipes and sewage lines and consider whether you want to leave them alone or improve your property value by bringing them up to modern building code standards.

That 100-year-old iron sewage pipe that shows signs of decade’s worth of corrosion has done its job; time for PVC to step in. Compton Plumbing Services offers plumbing repair and installation services in Scottsdale, Gilbert, Chandler such as bathroom remodeling, 24 hour plumbing, drain cleaning, sewer line repair, water heater repair, and gas line installation.