What Makes a Plumbing System “Perfect?”

perfect plumbing system
Have you ever wondered what it would take to have a “perfect” plumbing system, that didn’t regularly require repairs? It may not be as far out of reach as you think! The truth is, you can have a perfect- or near perfect- plumbing system if you remember to maintain these simple habits:

Keep your drains clean, keep your water pressure balanced, use hair blockers or screens over all the drains in your home, and adhere to your local building and plumbing requirements.

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Maintain Clean Drains

While it won’t necessarily solve all your problems, keeping your drains clean is a good start, and will prevent lots of other plumbing issues down the road. The best way to keep your drains clean is by scheduling an appointment with a professional drain cleaning company at least twice a year.

clean drains hydrojetting plumbing techniqueProfessional drain cleanings can:

  • Clear stubborn clogs from your pipes
  • Reduce foul odors
  • Eliminate slow emptying drains
  • Provide the opportunity to identify other plumbing issues
  • Lower your risk of encountering plumbing emergencies

Keep in mind that drain cleaning is better left to professionals. While it may seem like you can clean your drain yourself using liquid drain cleaners from your local store, these chemical cleaners can often gunk up your pipes even more, worsening the problem. At Compton Plumbing, we use a highly effective technique called hydrojetting to get your drains clean.

Balance Water Pressure

water pressure valve installed in homeMaintaining an evenly balanced water pressure in your home is another habit associated with “perfect” plumbing. A shower head that emits a strong stream of water, a toilet that flushes efficiently, and a kitchen faucet that can quickly fill a pot with water are all ideal plumbing fixtures.

Low pressure can affect your showers, and reduce your toilet’s ability to dispose of waste efficiently. High water pressure, however, can put excessive wear and tear on your piping system that can lead to leaking, flooding, and wasted water. If you don’t already have one, install a pressure valve in your home to adjust your water pressure if it is too low, or too high.

Use Hair Blockers or Drain Screens

screen traps hair prevents clogged drainHair blockers and drain screens are designed to help you maintain clean drains between cleanings. They also help you prevent clogged pipes by keeping hair and other debris out of your drains.

These blockers can be purchased for as little as three dollars and are easy to install. For the best protection, install screens in all drains- including your kitchen sink and any outdoor drains. If you suspect your pipes may be clogged, schedule a video pipe inspection with a plumbing professional.

Adhere to Local Permit Requirements

permits for residential remodelingThe Mesa, AZ Building Safety Division has several regulations in place to make sure that your plumbing is installed, repaired, and remains safe for yourself and your neighbors.

Before you perform any work on your plumbing system, make sure you have all the appropriate permits, and that your contractor is licensed by the state of Arizona.

The city also requires that certain inspections be performed during and after and plumbing work is done in residential areas. For more information about the required permit and inspections you may need, contact the office of the Building Safety Division today. Compton Plumbing Services offers residential and plumbing services for homes in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Mesa, and other areas of Arizona. We offer plumbing solutions such as camera pipe inspections, water heater repair, sewer line installation, 24 hour plumbing repair, and water softener installation.

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