How to Prevent Water Leaks and Care for Your Plumbing System at the Same Time

Plumber doing maintenance on pipes to prevent water leaks in plumbing system

Have you ever experienced the stress of a plumbing emergency? Water leaks can cause substantial damage in a very short amount of time and are expensive to repair.

It’s worth your time, both from a financial and peace of mind point of view to take care of your plumbing on a regular basis, instead of waiting for disaster to strike and then reacting. Compton Plumbing Services offers plumbing options in Mesa and other areas of Arizona such as water heater repair, water heater repair, drain cleaning, gas line installation, 24 hour plumbing, and  sewer line repair.

We’ve put together some advice on how you can take better care of your plumbing system and prevent water leaks, including slab leaks, at the same time. Read on for tips from our professional plumbers!

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Pipe CorrosionStop Pipe Corrosion

If you’ve got copper pipes, then corrosion is a real and present danger to your plumbing. You can, of course, reduce the likelihood of suffering plumbing leaks because of corrosion damage by upgrading your plumbing to more durable PVC.

If that’s not feasible, here are a few tips to reduce this threat. Check your water’s PH level. If it’s not in balance, put a water softener in to help.

It can also be damaging to introduce too much oxygen to your pipes, as it feeds organisms that may be breaking down your pipes. Similarly, avoid setting your water temperature too hot. Organisms that cause corrosion tend to thrive more in hot water.

Set Water Pressure

Low Water PressureAnother major cause of plumbing leaks is water pressure that is too high. It blasts the coating off the plumbing, which leaves piping vulnerable and prone to breakage and leaks.

You may like blasting water when you are in the shower, but the risk of water damage from leaks isn’t worth it.

Ideally, set your water pressure in the 40 to 45 psi range.

Ditch Commercial Drain Cleaners

Chemical Clog RemoverWhen you’ve got a clogged drain or blockage, you may have reached for a commercial drain cleaner in the past.

While this works in a pinch, the residue from these chemicals will cause long-term damage. Instead, have your drains cleaned or hydrojetted professionally.

You can also avoid this problem altogether by being careful about what you put down the drain. Avoid letting grease and food particles fall down here. Consider installing a garbage disposal in your kitchen sink to prevent clogging the drain.

Find Leaks

Identify a LeakGet in the habit of doing a full plumbing inspection of your home to find leaks. Never ignore a small leak.

Not only are you running the risk of sustaining water damage as it grows, your water bills will increase. Watch for pooling water, mold growth, low water pressure, peeling paint and musty odors.

Dealing with leaks right away can save a lot of money because you reduce water waste. You can reduce water waste even more if you consider switching to eco-friendly plumbing fixtures. Our team of expert plumbers uses the latest video technology for pipe inspection camera services to detect leaks before they damage your home. If you live in Mesa, Scottsdale, or the surrounding Phoenix, Arizona service area, make your appointment with Compton Plumbing Services today!