Resolve to Have More Efficient Pipes This Year With Professional Drain Cleaning

New Pipes
What’s on your list for New Year’s resolutions this year? Did you ever think about doing something to improve your home? Committing to home maintenance is a positive change that will deliver you financial, physical and emotional rewards.

That’s because preventative maintenance will save you money and make your home’s components more reliable. As you begin the New Year, here are some great reasons to include professional drain cleaning on your list of resolutions for 2018. If you live near the Mesa, AZ area, contact Compton Plumbing Services to schedule your drain cleaning today!

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Cracking and Squealing Noise?

Unwanted NoiseIf you have become accustomed to hearing squeaking and cracking noises in your home, don’t just accept it.There is a good chance that it is being caused by pressure built up in your drain pipes.

As the water forces its way through a passage made smaller by drain residue, squeaking and cracking sounds can happen. This problem is compounded if it is hot water that is running, because it expands, putting even more pressure.

Money Saving Efforts

Save MoneyOne of the most attractive features of drain cleaning is that it is going to save you money as a homeowner.

Using commercial drain cleaners may solve the problem at the moment, but they damage and weaken your pipes, making them prone to breakage.

Leaky pipes mean wasted water-which means wasted money. Furthermore, you’ll have to shell out for repair expenses before you might otherwise have to if you get your drains cleaned regularly.

Clean and Clear Flowing Water

Clean WaterYou count on being able to retreat into your home and relax, right? If you are bothered by the inconvenience of dirty, clogged drains, it’s not a pleasant environment.

What’s worse is that dirty drains create an unpleasant atmosphere throughout your home. Blocked drains have standing water in them that breed bacteria.

They also smell really bad, which will make your home seem unclean, even though it is clean.

Give your year (and your home) a fresh start with a drain cleaning.

Make Sure you don’t get Clogs

Clogged PipeDo you think you’ve got a problem with a plumbing clog? If your drains are slow to empty, you detect a foul odor or see backflow out of drains (this is usually a bigger problem with basement drains) don’t delay in getting drain cleaning.

This will break up the residue to let water flow freely through. As far as preventative maintenance goes, drain cleaning is one of the lowest effort, biggest reward jobs you can take on.