How to have Summertime Fun While Conserving Water

With the peak summertime weather here, it’s the perfect time to get outside with your family and enjoy some water fun in the yard. But water supplies are being depleted in neighborhoods throughout the country, and so it’s important to manage the amount of water you use this summer while still ensuring your family enjoys their time outdoors.

To help guide you as you balance your responsibilities to the environment with summer fun, we have some tips.


Use Water Sponges Instead of Balloons

Water balloon fights are a part of childhood. But unfortunately, they are a significant waste of water resources. To prevent water waste in your home, you can guide your children to use sponges for their water play fights. Sponges can soak up the water and then be re-used after being thrown. They don’t require a large amount of water for a prolonged play fight. You’ll also help the environment by limiting the production of plastic balloons.


Play Jump the Water Rope

The hose can be a great tool for ensuring fun in the summer sun this season. And jumping the water is one of the most popular pastimes, which can also be environmentally friendly.

Simply wait for a dry period without much rain, and then set up your backyard hose at one end of the yard. Then lift up the hose incrementally over time, as your kids stay on the other end of the space trying to jump over the water. The game can be hours of fun, and by waiting until your lawn needs water, you can prevent a large amount of wasted energy, water, and time.




Play Pass the Balloon

The pass the balloon game can help kids enjoy time together out in the summer sun, while also ensuring that they limit their water waste for the months to come.

Start by having kids sit in a circle, and then have them pass a balloon half-filled with water between them. A parent then starts the music in the background. The person left holding the balloon when the music stops has the water balloon popped over them. The game usually leads to players frantically passing the balloon as they wait for the music to stop!

Make the most of your summer season and the water resources around you by considering the activities highlighted in this post.

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