Three Main Benefits of Low Flow and Dual Flush Toilets

benefits_of_dual_flush_toilets_360Homeowners across the country are now looking at ways to conserve the amount of money they spend on utilities on an annual basis. Water costs are rising across the country, due to diminishing competition in the marketplace and lack of access to quality water.

And this means that homeowners face rising bills. It’s for this reason property owners are now reviewing ways in which they can conserve the amount of water their family uses throughout the day. Low flow and dual flush toilets are the ideal addition for greater water conservation, and in this latest post, we’ll highlight three benefits they bring to the home.

1 – Small Tank for Less Water Use

Because the tank of the leading low flow toilets is smaller than the tanks of traditional systems, homeowners can significantly reduce the amount of water they use per flush. The latest data from ToolBase Savings shows that the average homeowner can reduce the amount of water they use in their home by 22,000 gallons per year with low flow toilets.

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save_on_water_bills_4802 – Lower Water Bills

With your family using a large amount of water on a day-to-day basis, you can stall the rise in your water bills with a low flow system. Depending on the cost of water in their region and the amount of water they use through their traditional system, homeowners can save as much as $150 per year by switching to a low-flow toilet.

This money can then be used in other areas of the home or added to a renovation budget to upgrade the property. It’s a commitment to smart water conservation that is helping frugal property owners throughout the country.

3 – New Designs Support Refined Performance

One of the most common reasons homeowners have given for not using low flow toilets in their homes is that they felt the systems didn’t perform as well as standard toilets. Now, however, new designs are helping overcome these challenges. The latest low flow systems use vacuum force to remove waste from the bowl under pressure, which allows for a significant flushing force to be created without the need for additional water use. It’s part of the reason so many are now investing in the latest low flow systems.

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