Worried About an Expensive Water Bill? Try These 4 Tips to Save Money and Water

Save Money

Household bills are always a concern for homeowners, especially when costs continue to climb. If you are interested in cutting your utility bills for your Arizona home, focus on variable costs, like your electricity, heat and water.

For your water bill specifically, you need to be mindful about water conservation. Here are some handy tips to help you save money each month.

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Different Ways to Water Plants

Water PlantsIt may seem easier to run the sprinkler or fill your watering can from the tap to water your plants and garden, but there are other more environmentally friendly ways to do it.

Gather water from your shower in a bucket while you are waiting for it to heat up or wash your hands and brush your teeth into a basin.

In the kitchen, reserve cooking liquid. Keep your dishwater and scoop water from your washing machine’s rinse cycle.

Make Sure to Fix Plumbing Leaks

Water LeakDid you know that the EPA estimates that if you stay on top of plumbing leaks, you can shave on average of 10 percent off of your water bills in a year? That’s a compelling reason to become a leak detective!

Get in the habit of inspecting your plumbing once a month for trouble spots. Make sure to check the basement and outside too. When you are inspecting your plumbing, don’t forget to check things like the connecting hoses on your washing machine and dishwasher. They deteriorate over time and are a major cause of plumbing leaks, but many people don’t think to inspect them.

Avoid Washing Your Car at Home

It’s an idyllic way to spend a weekend afternoon, washing your car in the driveway. It’s especially fun if the kids get involved and play with the hose at the same time.

However, washing your car in this manner is very wasteful and very expensive. It’s a much better idea to drive your car to the local carwash, which uses a fraction of the water to do the same job.

Showers Only

ShowerYou may have heard that showers use less water than baths, but did you know that a shower head actually pumps out about 2.5 gallons a minute?

When you take a 10-minute shower (which is actually long) you end up using about 25 gallons of water. When you fill that bathtub, you could be using 70 gallons.

Make sure to keep showers short for best savings results. There is a direct link between mindful consumption and lower water bills, so pay attention and you will save money!