Gas Line Installation & Repair Services in Mesa, Phoenix, & Scottsdale, AZ

Natural gas line repair and installation is serious business. To avoid dangerous health situations in your home, we recommend relying on our team of gas plumbers to resolve your gas leak, gas installation issues, and help with gas fitting near you. We offer gas plumbing services in areas such as Scottsdale, Chandler, Glendale, Phoenix, Gilbert, Tempe, Arrowhead Ranch, and other areas of Arizona. Call our gas piping plumbers today at 480-926-3931 to ask questions, schedule an appointment, or request emergency gas line repair services. Before you call, check out our coupons to see what great deals you might be eligible for. 

natural gas line repair & piping

Natural gas is a cost-effective way to power many different home appliances, including heaters, water heaters, dryers, and ovens and stoves. But gas leak repair problems with natural gas lines can be very dangerous. Ensure that yours are installed and maintained properly. Book a gas line plumbing appointment with our team of gas professionals and licensed gas plumbers in Arizona near you today.

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Natural Gas Plumbing Services for the Home in Mesas, Phoenix, & Other Areas of Arizona

Plenty of appliances and heaters are powered by natural gas, and when you have these in your home, it’s important to keep the gas lines properly maintained and if you need help don’t hesitate to contact a gas line contractor. Similarly, if you’re doing renovations or upgrading your home, you should only ever use a professional for natural gas pipe installation. Natural gas line repair and maintenance is no DIY project, and you’ll save time and money, and keep your family safe by leaving these services to the professional gas plumbers at Compton Plumbing Services.

We also offer other solutions such as drain cleaning services, water heater repair, 24 hour emergency plumbing repair, slab leak repair, and bathroom remodeling.

Signs of a Natural Gas Leaks in Your Piping

The main reason you shouldn’t try to perform a DIY natural gas piping plumbing project is that the health and safety of your loved ones could depend on it. Gas lines and appliances that are not properly installed and maintained can lead to natural gas leaks, which can cause dizziness, nausea, loss of consciousness, and even death—not to mention that a leak can lead to a fire or explosion. Here are some major warning signs of a leak inside your home:

Smell: Utility companies add a sulfur or rotten egg scent to natural gas so that you’ll notice a leak, so smelling rotten eggs is a classic sign of a natural gas leak.

Sound: When a pipe is leaking natural gas, it will sometimes make a whistling, hissing, or blowing sound. The sound might originate in the pipes, the gas source, or the appliances powered by it.

Why Our Gas Piping Leak Repair Services Are Homeowners First Choice

  • We’re family-owned and operated, and treat each of our clients like members of our extended family
  • We’ve been in the gas piping leak repair business since 1980, and have plenty of experience
  • Our gas plumbing services are available day and night for regular and emergency situations
  • Our gas plumbers are often available for same-day service

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