Fast & Efficient Sewer Line Repair Service in Mesa, Arizona & Other Areas

When it comes to plumbing maintenance, sewer line replacement, repairs, and installations are one of the last things you want to take on as a homeowner. Instead, call 480-926-3931 to get help from the specialists at Compton Plumbing Services. Enjoy discounted service with our exclusive online coupons and specials. 

Sewer line repair services

Sewer lines are a necessary part of modern plumbing systems, but most people would be more than happy to go their entire lives without ever having to repair or replace one. Luckily, at Compton Plumbing Services, we’re more than happy to take care of all your Mesa, AZ sewer line service needs. We can do installations for new homes, repairs for older systems, and maintenance to ensure that your lines keep flowing smoothly for years to come.

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Sewer Line Installation Services for New and Existing Homes

Building a new home or doing renovations on an older one requires a lot of work that’s often best left to the professionals. For instance, installing new sewer lines to a home or to a newly built addition is a labor-intensive process that requires lots of digging, careful laying of pipe, and attention to connect the lines properly with city services or the septic field. To ensure that these things are done properly, call Compton Plumbing Services for assistance.

Reasons for Damaged Sewer Lines

Along with installing new sewer lines, we can also help with sewer pipe repair and replacement when the original lines become damaged. The most common causes of damage to sewer lines include:

  • Tree roots growing into the lines
  • Corrosion and rust
  • Cracks caused by movement in the ground
  • Breaks and cracks caused by high pressure and high temperatures

How to Know When There’s Damage

  • Sewage smells coming from the drains in your bathroom
  • Bubbling or gurgling in the toilet
  • Water coming up from sink or shower drains when you flush the toilet

Why Compton Plumbing Services Is Your Best Choice

History: Compton Plumbing Services was established in 1980, and we’ve been serving Mesa and the Valley proudly ever since.

Family: This company is family owned and operated, and we understand how important your family and your home are to you.

Reliability: We know that plumbing problems don’t run on a schedule, and that’s why we have emergency services available 24/7.

Customization: Your plumbing requirements are unique, so we always offer personalized solutions for every home.

Call the Mesa, AZ plumbing experts at 480-926-3931 to schedule an appointment or for immediate assistance with sewer line repair. Our emergency services are available day and night, and we can have a technician at your door the same day you call. Do you have feedback for Compton Plumbing Services? Give us some feedback to help us improve our services.