Top Tips for Starting a Plumbing Job

When deciding to take a plumbing job or train as a plumbing professional, there are certain things you should know. The industry is a great way to make money, and you can work your way up into an ownership or management position.

However, this will take time, effort, and the ability to learn. We’ve compiled a few things to consider before starting to work in the plumbing industry. Keep reading for more information!

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Current Customer Service Will Dictate Future Business

“costumerservice”You can be the best local plumber in the business but if your customer service skills aren’t up to par, you’ll never have the business.

People tend to be much more forgiving of a mistake and accepting of the high cost of a job when dealing with a service-oriented professional. Any service representative will tell you to pick your battles.

You might also have the mindset that the customer isn’t always right. It is worth remembering that word of mouth can be your best friend or worst enemy. A customer that is happy with your plumbing services will often be more willing to look past higher price points or forgive small mistakes that can happen.

Protective Gear is Not a Joke

“protectivegear”Plumbing can be a dirty job and it helps if you don’t mind breaking a sweat. However, due to the nature of the materials and substances you will deal with, wearing correct protective gear is a must. Whether you’re installing a gas line, repairing a sewer line, or performing any other service, be prepared.

Depending on the job at hand, you will probably want gloves, eye protection, a hard hat, and chemical protective clothing. When dealing with toxic fumes, a respirator may be required to avoid inhalation of chemicals.

Also, consider your footwear. You may be working in wet or muddy conditions which means your feet will be exposed to whatever you’re standing in. Many plumbers find it helpful to carry shoe coverings with them to wear into customers’ homes.

Real Life Training

“string”There are certain skills that are innate in the plumbing world which can include the ability to hold your arm and hand steady while supporting a pipe or instrument and dexterity in the hands. Other skills, however, are acquired through school, work, and lots of practice.

One such skill to make your life easier is knowing to plunge a sink a few times before removing the trap. This will push the water out which lessens the mess made when opening the trap. Another on-the-job skill that plumbers acquire is cutting pipe with a string.

Sometimes using a saw on a pipe just isn’t feasible and you only need a rough cut. In this case, all that you need to do is make a small notch in the pipe where you’d like the cut and use a string as a saw. It is slow and less accurate but will get the job done. Another trick that plumbers use is located in their pocket. While we have high-tech pipe inspection cameras in our kit, we also use our phones for small things to make jobs a bit easier. Yes, a smartphone camera can be very handy on the job. Snap a photo to remember where pipes are located after a wall is sealed off or use the light to allow you to see into the dark, hard to reach areas.