4 Expert Tips and Tricks to Get Your Outdoor Plumbing Spring-Ready

Outdoor Plumbing

The warmer days of spring are just around the corner, so there is no time to waste in getting your home prepared to make the most of the season. No doubt that you’ve got spring cleaning tasks on the horizon, but make sure that you do some basic home maintenance while you are at it.

On your list, be sure to include tending to your outdoor plumbing. You’ll need to be able to rely on it to keep your lawn in great shape during the spring and summer heat. Here are our expert tips and tricks.

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Time to Replace Hoses?

Outdoor HosesYour garden hoses will get a workout during the coming season, so make sure that they aren’t damaged to start. They are made of rubber, which means that they will eventually wear down and break.

Look at the hose and the nozzles. Are there tears? If they are small, you may be able to patch them up and get another season out of them.

You can extend the life of your hoses by storing them properly. Don’t let the water run when they are kinked. Hang them on the wall when not in use in big, wide loops to help with drainage.

Is your Sprinkler Ready?

SprinklerThe hot spring and summer months in Mesa, AZ means that your lawn needs good hydration. Take the opportunity this spring to make sure that everything is working well with your sprinkler system before you need it to work overtime.

Inspect sprinkler heads for damage and make sure that they are clear of rocks and debris. Trim away any grass that is too close to the nozzle head. Check regulators for the right date and time settings. Change batteries.

Faucet Inspection

Outdoor FaucetDon’t waste water because of a leaky outdoor faucet. Turn faucets on and off. Any water appearing on the spout or nearby pipe? Any drips or pooled water?

To test for leaks further down the pipeline, press your thumb against the spigot and turn the water on. Are you able to block it, or does water trickle past your thumb? If there is no water coming past your thumb, you likely have a leak.

Clean out Your Gutters

Home GuttersGet out your trusty ladder and a broom to clear your gutters of leaves and other debris. Blocked gutters will trap water on your roof, which means that you are prone to leaks and other water damage.

Keep the gutters clear so that rainwater has a path to the downspout. If you find these outdoor plumbing tips helpful, check out our indoor plumbing tips, which are helpful too. Give the experts at Compton Plumbing a call or contact us online to schedule your appointment!