plumbing myths vs factsPlumbing Myths: Do You Believe These Plumbing Problems?

Have you heard wild stories about plumbing problems and you’re just not sure if they’re true or not? If so, you’re not alone.

That’s why our team of expert plumbers prepared this quick guide to common plumbing myths. We’ll help you sort out which popular plumbing myths are fact and which are fiction.

Can Animals Swim Up Your Pipes And End Up In Your Toilet?rats in plumbing pipe

As unnerving as it may seem, this one is quite true. The most common culprits are frogs, rats, squirrels, birds, and snakes.

Sewer systems often have a large rodent and amphibian population. Frogs and rats can crawl or swim through the sewer lines, working their way through the toilet’s s-pipe to emerge in the bowl.

Although snakes don’t usually make sewers their home, they can sometimes follow their prey into the sewer system. So, if snakes aren’t commonly found where you live, it’s very unlikely that one would ever show up in your toilet.

Another common access point to a home’s plumbing system is the vent stack on the roof. That’s how birds and squirrels most often get stuck in your pipes. Simply installing a wire mesh cap on the stack will prevent that from happening.

You can also have a special one-way valve installed on your toilet’s plumbing that allows water and waste to exit the bowl but keeps animals from ever entering.

Is It Possible For A Water Heater To Explode?

Despite safety features and construction techniques rated for intense pressure, it is possible for the heat and pressure inside water heaters to become so elevated that the tank explodes and shoots up through the roof, destroying everything in its path.

This can only happen under certain circumstances: the thermostat would have to be set too high, and the temperature pressure release valve would have to be stuck or malfunctioning. This valve is designed to open and release pressure inside the tank when it approaches dangerous levels.

Be sure to check your temperature pressure release valve on a regular basis and have your water heater professionally inspected and maintained annually to make sure it remains efficient and safe.

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clogged drain preventing water flowIf Water Drains Slowly, Does It Mean There Isn’t A Clog?

There can be many different causes of drain clogs and blockages. The most common is an accumulation of grease and dirt that gloms on to the side of the pipes, trapping hair and other solids as they pass.

Eventually, the flow of water is severely constricted. Water may still slowly seep through, but it is nevertheless a clog. Eventually, it will become a complete blockage and could risk a backflow of water into your home. It’s best to schedule a drain cleaning and have the clog removed as soon as possible.

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